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The WAVE & Squash Paris/France

A breath taking combination from an indoor surf paradise and 4 COURTWALL® Full System 4.0 squash courts with glass back walls has been built just around the corner from the Eifel tower.

Tali Halli Helsinki/Finland

One of the leading squash clubs in Northern Europe – host of big tournaments as the European Championships 2012.

One COURTWALL all glass court and five COURTWALL glass back wall courts in the Courtwall panel system.

The club offers as well 12 international badminton courts and one padel court.

Sportwerk – Hamburg/Germany

The largest squash center in Germany SPORTWERK Hamburg did decide, against strong local competition, to purchase an COURTWALL All Glass tournament court 2016. The best price/quality ratio was the reason.

Since 2016 many national and international events have been successfully played on this court.

Black Ball Academy – New Cairo /Egypt

Egypt`s new largest squash club in Cairo. 14 single courts and 2 double courts with glass back walls are made in the COURTWALL dual court system, and there is a stunning all glass courts with a permanet seating capacity of 800 spectators.

The club is hosting Egypt`s most famouse coachingb academy leaded by Ashraf Hanafi, who is as well the director of squash.

PanAmerican Games 2019

The PanAmerican Games 2019 in Lima/Peru did choose COURTWALL as court supplier.

3 courts in row with two manual moveable sidewalls (to change the courts to two double courts within short time) and a COURTWALL all glass court have been used for this event.

Squashdome Graz/Austria

Central Europe`s leading squash club – 7 glass back wall courts made in the COURTWALL panel system with sand refilled front wall back construction.

2 courts can be used for Football-Tennis or Wallyball. One 4 sided permanent installed all glass court.

The club did host the European Championship 2018.