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COURTWALL® FULL AND HALF SYSTEM 4.0 – with silica sand refill for new courts or renovation

The surface of the finished walls in both 4.0 systems have several coats of paint, and both 4.0 system walls are back filled with kiln dried sand to minimize the ball impact sound and are designed for all humidity levels.

The COURTWALL® 4.0 Full System walls have a total thickness of 94mm, consisting of two 21 mm thick high-density wood boards, creating a cavity by use of distance steel profiles. The COURTWALL® 4.0 Full System is free standing and self-supporting, independent from building walls.

The COURTWALL® 4.0 Half System has a total thickness of 50mm and is used where in projects existing and flat solid building walls can be used to attach the play wall system on steel rails.

SYSTEM 4.0 for squash court renovation

See the video from an front wall renovation:

NEW! We can as well renovate existing panel wall surfaces from other companies, no matter if ASB, Courttech or any other. We offer 10 years warranty for this System 4.0 re-lining system. The court only comes 25mm shorter per renovated wall.