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COURTWALL® wood flooring

The BOEN squash parquet 3,6 mm hardwood top layer made out of ash or beech with counter floor to achieve a panel thickness of 12,6mm. The anti-slip SQUASH surface with special sanding and depth impregnation for squash and racquet sports.



Overall height of construction including modular swing beam 37mm and modular counter floor 17mm is 66,6 mm.


Subconstruction STADIUM FLEX

Overall height of construction including adjustment pads and soft wood button 36 or 48 mm can be adjusted from 75 – 125 mm height


Subconstruction ELAST FLEX STADIUM

Overall height of construction including elastic layer 14 mm, load distribution stripes 9mm is 38mm

COURTWALL® CASALI synthetic floor

The first seamless synthetic floor for Squash ! A high quality 37mm floor construction combines an area elastic wood sub construction by WSF approved Airthrust rubber pads, and two layers 9mm plywood sheets, and the top floor finish with 2mm polyurethane special developed to bring a seamless, durable and level floor with a special mat coat squash finish.

Due to characteristics of the polyurethane top floor finish – the floor is better resistant to high air humidity compared to normal maple and beech wood floors, long time lasting and easy to clean from shoe markings.