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Courtwall® Fiberesin high density panel system has a infused to wood core multilayer melamine playing surface.  It is NOT a painted surface, and no screw head are on play wall surface due to patented hidden H-profile installation system. The panel walls deliver fast, true rebounds and lively ball action. The lively ball rebound is much preferred by beginners and club level players who enjoy a faster and challenging game, and from top player and professional, as the Courtwall® walls closely simulate the ball rebound of the all-glass courts used for all top tournaments today. The flush fit of the panels with a maximum joint seam of 0,3mm, and the exclusive Courtwall® non-skid rough surface, ensures consistent, uniform ball rebound.


Dual Court combines cement plaster and COURTWALL® panel systems on front wall. For cost reasons or when sites does not allow panels side walls due to measurement reasons it is suggested to build the “COURTWALL™ Dual Court”.

Cement plaster on side walls and COURTWALL® panel systems on front wall. The durability of such court will be still excellent, due to the nature of the squash game any balls played over the sidewalls are defensive shots and the ball has much less impact force, compared to hard shots with over 150 km/h against front walls. The cement plastered sidewalls will withstand such impact forces in play for a long time, while on front walls cement plaster can show delamination and cracking by time.


This new developed 10mm COURTWALL® melamine panel has a special tongue & groove click system which allow the seams between the panels to be almost invisible.

It is NOT a painted surface, and no screw head are placed on play wall surfaceThe COURTWALL® X-panel is glued with a very special extra strong adhesive to existing wood painted panel systems (after sending the paint layers). Plaster courts or new courts will be done with this panel by installing a layer of 18mm marine plywood covered from the COURTWALL X-panel.

The Courtwall® humidity resistant X- panel is available in 5 pastel colours and white.The COURTWALL X-panel is the ideal solution to renovate painted wood panel systems like ASB, or plaster walls and make them maintenance free – please contact us for a price quotation tailor-made for your project.

(1) Old court

(2) Sanded court surface

(3) Finished court X-Panel

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Courtwall®, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria has built over 800 squash courts around the world since 1984.  Courtwall® courts have always stood for the highest quality, functionality and the best price-performance ratio in the market.  European engineering, and the production of all components in European ISO certified factories meet the highest requirements of the most demanding customers. The Courtwall® group of companies has also operated its own squash and racket club facilities in Europe for decades and is involved in organizing large international squash tournaments such as the European Championships 2018. We know exactly what our customers expect from squash courts – and we build courts "Made for Winners!" 


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