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Full glass side walls

For glass sidewalls, chosen as design features for court facilities, it is necessary to have a treatment applied to the glass such that players have an accurate view of the ball while spectators are able to enjoy watching play on the court. Glass side wall dot systems are available both as glass fin stabilizer and metal frame design.

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Courtwall offers the ProView Club dot system, a relatively opaque playing surface and a relatively clear viewing opportunity at the same time. This treatment consists of one color ceramic screen-paint that is fused into the glass during the hardening process, creating a proper play wall with surface tension and a surface that cannot be degraded by racquets, sweat, glass cleaner, etc. This treatment is usually white, but other colors are available on request.

For higher quality demands Courtwall Innovations offers the ProView Professional dot system, a special treatment incorporating a double-dot system (usually white over black, but other colors are available on request) that provides optimal vision for players and spectators alike in an environment where there are no solid backgrounds to provide contrast. The ceramic decal dots are fused to the glass during the hardening process, similar to the screen-paint in ProView "Club". This system is used as well in the Courtwall international mobil tournament all glass courts.